SA board wrestles with mat purchase

    The South Adams Schools board of education struggled with how to handle the potential donation of a wrestling mat by the Gold Wrestling Club and the South Adams Sports Booster's Club during Tuesday evening's monthly meeting. At issue was a request to print the name of Nick Taylor, a South Adams grad who was killed while serving in the military in Afghanistan, on some portion of the mat.
    Superintendent Scott Litwiller reported the two organizations had committed to donating money for the purchase of a new wrestling mat, estimated to cost between $7,000 and $8,000, and planned to split the cost of the purchase. Litwiller noted one of the donating organizations had indicated a desire to print Taylor's name on the mat as a tribute to the fallen soldier.
    Board Member John Buckingham suggested the name of Spencer Hayward be added as well, pointing out that the South Adams grad also deserved recognition in light of his many accomplishments while a part of the SA wrestling team. Board member Ray Gill openly wondered if the board was setting a precedent by allowing a donation which specifically honors one or two individuals.
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