RV park not good idea on Parkview Dr.

    The possibility of a recreational vehicle parking area in Kekionga Park, mentioned in the master plan recently approved by the city park board has sparked opposition from residents of the Parkview Drive area, situated next to the park.
    Sherry Genth, attending Tuesday night's city council meeting, carried a petition with over 100 names opposing an "RV park" in Kekionga. And, she added, residents of the area aren't happy with plans for a possible dog park in Kekionga, either.
    As far as the RV park, Parks and Recreation Director Steve Krull said any possibility of that occurring was a long way off. "We haven't done anything with that; we haven't even talked to Fleetwood," he said.
    The idea was initially was brought up to provide a better setting  RV owners to park while awaiting repairs and/or additions to their motor homes by Fleetwood personnel.
    Parkview drive has no sidewalks and having RVs driving on its streets would be hazardous, Genth said.
    The dog park idea has advanced, however, with the park board telling the interested group to get its financing in order and then return to the board.
    "We have some concerns with the dog park, too," Genth said. "I've talked to some people in the neighborhood and they don't want it."
    Mayor John Schultz said before either idea came to possible fruition, specific meetings would be held and the public informed beforehand.
    "We wanted to be loud and clear that we oppose this at the start," Genth said.