Rural sewer board gives no special breaks for Amish

    The Adams County Regional Sewer District’s board of directors on Thursday evening took its most definitive step to date in spelling out guidelines and requirements for hooking into the county’s first-ever rural sewage collection system.
    Approving a recommendation by board Attorney Mark Burry that allows for the possibility of homeowner exemptions from joining the sewer district in limited cases, and for a limited amount of time, the board tentatively approved a policy that was created with members of the Amish community in mind, but ultimately gives those landowners no special treatment.
    Burry said all property owners in the sewer project target area — which runs from Monmouth and Roe Acres through Bobo and on to Pleasant Mills and Arcadia Village — have received notices from the district, as required by state law, informing them of their right to file for an exemption from participation in the sewer district through the installation of approved on-site septic or gray water collection systems.    
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