Rose has seen the dark side, enjoys bright side

    Curtis Delk Rose has seen more of life than most people. In his late sixties, he has held over 50 jobs and has lived all over the United States. He has seen the darker side of life, and he has enjoyed its bright side. He has struggled with his faith, been a member of what he calls a "personality cult," not been a Christian at all, and is a believer now. He's been the bad boy, the hippie, the druggie, the lost, and the poet. Who better to use sculpting wood to portray life as he sees it?
    Curtis was born to a newly-single mother and raised in the Detroit area. His parents divorced before his birth, and his mother moved in with her younger sister when Curtis was still very young. Throughout his childhood and adolescence, Curtis reports, "All I ever wanted was a father."
    When he was 12, he had grown larger than his mother, and he informed her that he would not be attending the Pentecostal church she went to anymore.
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