Richie suffers serious injuries

    Adrian Richie, former principal at Bellmont High School and now the principal at Lowell High School in Lake County, was severely burned in an accident at home on Wednesday.
    Reports received here say Richie was removing brush from his yard to prepare for an open house that was to be held for one of his sons, Austin, one of the state's top basketball players as a senior last season at Lowell High School.
    Somehow, the brush pile fire spread to him and he suffered serious burns over 45 percent of his body.
    Richie is in the University of Chicago Medical Center and will take a month or so to recover, according to reports. Debra Howe, superintendent of Tri-Creek School Corp., which includes Lowell High School, has announced that Richie's family anticipates he will make a full recovery.
    Howe stated, "We were all shocked. It's tragic. All you can say is to keep the family in your prayers."
    Visitation at the hospital and telephone calls are limited, but Howe encourages people to send cards, which can be sent to him at the University of Chicago Medical Center, 5841 S. Maryland Ave., Chicago, IL 60637.
    Richie is a former high school basketball coach in Indiana and all three of his sons are good players. Austin was the No. 2 scorer in boys' basketball in Indiana last season, made the Indiana All-Star team, and will attend Western Michigan University this fall on a basketball scholarship.