Rebounding county said fiscally sound

    Adams County Commissioners Chairman Doug Bauman reported during his State of the County address Monday that as the country continues to rebound from the failing economy, Adams County is fiscally sound.
    Bauman noted that as the auditor's office advised, the Adams County Council and Commissioners will need to remain prudent and pro-active regarding spending in the upcoming years in order for the county to remain secure.
    Bauman stated that the county has seen a decrease in revenue due to low interest rates and the effects of property tax caps and property tax reductions enacted by the Indiana Legislature.
    However, Bauman said that Larry Macklin, executive director of Economic Development, reported that the county is seeing positive changes in economic development.
    Macklin reported that the county has two industrial sites ready for development, one each in Decatur and Monroe, and the Decatur Phase III Industrial Park now has its first business, New Prime Inc.
    New Prime Inc. purchased 13.8 acres of land, and built a new 15,000 square foot building. This was a $6 million investment that brought equipment and about 40 jobs to the area.
    In other news, Bauman said commissioners and council have funded a program to digitize county transfer records,enabling the county to have copies of records at an off-site location.
    Bauman noted that Adams County Recorder, Connie Moser has been integral to this process and hopes to have finalized the project within the 2012 calender year with funds appropriated by the County Council and approved by Commissioners.    
    Bauman also said the county government will continue to monitor proposed legislation in an effort to advise Indiana Legislatures as to how changes may affect Adams County residents.