Razing start set for night

    Actual demolition of the former Dwayne's Sweeper Shop/Holthouse Drug Co. building in downtown Decatur is expected to begin late Wednesday afternoon and continue during a couple of nighttimes.
    Decatur Street/Sanitation Superintendent Jeremy Gilbert said late Monday morning that Fleming Excavating will work Wednesday and Thursday night in bringing down the upper portions of the building.
    "Basically, it's a thing that there are just too many distractions (for the crane operator) during the day; traffic, thinks like that," Gilbert explained.
    If all goes well, the work will shift back to daytime on Friday.
    Barricades went up around the building and in the streets to restrict traffic on Monday. More items were being removed from inside the building and precautions are being put into place to prevent damage to the adjacent building owned by Rebecca Cochran, CPA.
    Gilbert also noted that the city fire department will be supplying some dust control during the early days of the demolition.
    A half-block of Second St. on both the north and south sides of Monroe St. is closed to traffic, as is the immediate right lane used by eastbound traffic on Monroe St.
    Sidewalk access is also restricted in the area.
    The alleys off Second St. which are half a block north and south of Monroe St. remain open to allow more access to the businesses now closed to vehicle traffic.
    Also closed is the alley along the east side of City Hall, which people use to pay bills via a City Hall drop box. The city has installed a temporary box behind City Hall.
    The traffic restrictions are expected to be in effect approximately 10 days, through November 21. If all goes well, the demolition will then be at a point where the traffic restrictions can be removed, local officials said.