Project at AC on the move

    "Moving along very well" and "ahead of or on schedule" were the words used at the November meeting of the school board to describe Adams Central School's construction and renovation project.
    The speaker was former board member Barry Ehinger, who now oversees the project as the board's hired representative. Weigand Construction of Fort Wayne is the prime contractor on the design-build job.
    Ehinger said the $10 million project has achieved the completion of the west wall on the northern extension of the building, with the northern wall to be erected next.
    He said steel will arrive on November 15-16 and the red brick exterior should be done by Thanksgiving.
    The northern enlargement is scheduled to be ready for use before the end of the year, containing offices for the high school and middle school, a couple of classrooms, restrooms, and a connecting hallway.
    Once the northern part of the project is done, work will start on the southern end and there will be various modifications in the center of the school structure, too.
    The entire project is pegged for completion by November of 2011.
    Ehinger also reported that the construction site is drawing lots of visitors to watch the proceedings.
    In another matter, the board hired Ogle and Associates of Indianapolis to develop a plan to remove old asbestos that surrounds 700 to 800 feet of pipe in an underground tunnel below the school's 300 and 400 wings.
    The Ogle firm will obtain price quotations from companies that do asbestos removal and the removal will be done during the Christmas-New Year's break.
    The price charged by the Ogle firm is $6,860 and Ehinger said the estimate of the cost to remove the asbestos is $8,000 to $12,000.