Program seeks to boost animal adoptions

    Coni Mayer, director of the Adams County Community Foundation (ACCF), announced to the county commissioners this week a new program, Pets and More, in Adams County.
    The program is a collaboration of the ACCF, the county animal shelter, and the four veterinarian clinics in Adams County, in which those adopting pets from the animal shelter will receive a voucher for two free exams, up to $50, at participating clinics.
    Veterinarians participating in the program are: Decatur Veterinary Clinic, Habel Animal Clinic, Smith Veterinary Clinic, and Swiss City Veterinary Clinic.
    Mayer stated that the purpose of this fund is to promote promote pet adoptions and encourage pet owners to keep their pets healthy.
    Carol Bowers, who operates the animal shelter with her husband, Charlie, said it is important for pet owners to acquire the necessary vaccinations for their animals.
    Bowers noted that not only are vaccinations required by law, if pets are properly identified through vaccination records they can easily be returned to their owners.
    For more information, call 692–6819, or visit the animal shelter Monday-Friday, 8–10 a.m. and 4–6 p.m. It is located at 2168S, 300E, south and east of Monroe.