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PRIMARY ELECTION PREVIEW Township trustees and boards

April 30, 2014


Township trustees and boards

    Voters will go to the polls May 6 during this year’s primary election. Among candidates on various ballots will be individuals seeking nomination to township boards.
    Those candidates are:
    • Blue Creek - None filed    
    • French — Norman Glass, Democrat, and Dianna Herman, Republican;
    • Hartford — Michael G. Liechty, Dee Teeple and Dawn Kreigh, Republicans;
    • Jefferson — D. Joe Caffee, Dennis Caffee and Mark Lehmann, Republicans;
    • Kirkland —Rene Brown and Michael Busse, Democrats, and Mindy Fruechte, Republican;
    • Preble — Dennis Werling and Micah Borne, Republicans;
    • Monroe — Arlene Kuntzman, Republican;
    • Root — None filed
    • St. Marys —Harvey Jones, Republicans;
    • Union — Barry Scherer, Democrat;
    • Wabash — Mark Neuenschwander, John Amstutz and Alan Bauman, Republicans;
    • Washington — Barbara Affolder, Republican and Thomas Schultz, Democrat.

    Candidates seeking nomination as township trustees are:
    • Blue Creek — Kevin Werst, Republican;
    • French – Steven L. Affolder, Democrat;
    • Hartford – Kerry L. Steiner, Republican;
    • Jefferson – Robert W. Reef, Democrat;
    • Kirkland – Michele Barger, Republican;
    • Preble – Darrel O. Ehlerding, Republican;
    • Monroe — Gerald Walker, Republican
    • Root – Fred James Kunkel, Republican;
    • St. Marys – Russell E. Cook, Democrat;
    • Union – No candidate filed;
    • Wabash – Jeanene K. Neuenschwander, Republican;
    • Washington – Sue Reidenbach, Democrat, and Cory Affolder, Republican.

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