Pries resigns South Adams post

    Embattled South Adams Athletic Director Mike Pries confirmed this morning that he has resigned his position.
    Pries, who survived a 3-2 vote of the school board two years ago after then-superintendent Cathy Egolf attempted to have him fired, recently was highlighted when it was learned Paul David Baker, 48, a friend of Pries, was a SA volunteer girls basketball coach who was required to register as a sexually violent predator.
    Contacted by the Democrat this morning, Pries simply said he had submitted his resignation Friday to school officials.
    "Yes, I resigned Friday afternoon. You know, this job (athletic director at both South Adams High School and Middle School) becomes so consuming and takes so much time out of your life. You end up spending 70 hours or more a week, seven days a week and holidays on it. I simply wanted to spend more time with my family," he said.
    Pries added he did not have another job lined up but was pursuing several possibilities, none of which he identified.
    Attempts to reach South Adams superintendent Scott Litwiller, Principal Trent Lehman, and SA school board President Arlene Amstutz were unsuccessful this morning as they were at a breakfast hosted by administration and school board members for teachers.
    Classes at South Adams and all county public schools begin on Tuesday.