Physician with longest tenure is retiring

    The physician with the longest running tenure in the Adams Health Network (AHN) has announced that he has retired from his medical practice.
    Dr. H.S. Lee, who has been actively involved as a general surgeon and family practice physician in Adams County since 1973, noted in a letter being sent to his patients this week that “it is with many mixed emotions that I write to inform you that I am discontinuing my practice due to personal issues.”
    Dr. Lee suffered an acute medical problem at home earlier this month and just recently has returned home from the hospital to further recuperate.
    He was recruited to Adams County by the late Dr. Harold F. Zwick to fill the void created by the departure of former Decatur physician Dr. C. William Freeby.  Dr. Lee did his undergraduate and medical school training at Chonnam National School in South Korea.
    Tom Nordwick, president and chief executive officer of Adams Health Network, lauded the numerous accomplishments and years of service put in by Dr. Lee.
    “His dedication to our organization is surpassed by none,” Nordwick said, adding “in my short time here in Adams County, I have come to rely on his advice and knowledge. Not only will the hospital greatly miss having Dr. Lee in the hospital on a daily basis, but his patients will feel his absence as well.”
    Dr. Lee said in his letter that the hospital “has agreed to assist me in the closure of my practice and staff will be available to assist patients in locating a new physician and to obtain medical records.”
    Nordwick said patients may arrange to pick up their records at Lee’s office until October 21. After that date, individuals will need to contact the medical records department at the hospital — 724-2145, ext. 1741 — to obtain their file.
    Nordwick also noted that in order for patients of to renew a prescription previously prescribed by the veteran Adams County physician, it may be necessary for them to get an appointment with a new provider.
    Dr. Lee said he could “recommend without reservation” any of the physicians currently on the AHN staff, including Drs. Jessamine Hippensteel (728-3843), Crystal Jencks (728-3843), Michael Ainsworth (724-8700), Mark Gresla (724-2125), Keith Harvey (724-8551), Robert Judge (589-2312), Kent Lehman (589-3993), Nicholas Nussbaum (692-6163), and Paul Steenburg (368-7370).
    Dr. Lee concluded by thanking his numerous patients over the years “for your continued support of Adams Memorial Hospital and the medical staff, which are both dedicated to serving our community.”