Pay raise okayed for city employees

    It appears city of Decatur employees will be getting an $850 across-the-board wage increase for 2015.
    Following a half-hour debate — not about whether there should be a wage hike, but how much could be afforded — council went with the $850 at its meeting Tuesday night. There was, however, a stipulation added: “If the city has the ability to fund it.” That won’t be determined until later in the year, but council seemed determined to fund an increase.
    It was decided that by giving all 68 full-time city workers the same increase, it would “share the wealth equally,” so to speak. It was pointed out several times in the discussion that a percentage hike — 2 percent was mentioned most — would be a greater wage boost for someone making, say, $40,000, than for someone at $25,000.
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