North Adams bus driver pay scale okayed by board

    North Adams Community School board voted to approve bus driver compensation to be on a daily rate instead of a mileage rate.
    Business Manager Larry Carty voiced concerns about the drivers who were on shorter routes, but transporting the most children. “We have some who have three stops but also pick up 90 children. We need to pay them for their service, not their mileage.”
    Carty has been working with Transfinder to create a more balanced rider route. By using student loading data provided by drivers, the routes have eliminated pre-shuttle drops and adjusted adjacent routes.
    Bus drivers will now be paid $68.89 per day, with $0.25 per mile when traveling more than 60 miles per day. According to Carty, drivers are on the road 2-2.5 hours each day, making their pay about $34 per hour.
    “The drivers are responsible for the lives and safe transporation of children to and from school,” Carty stated. Drivers have to take a three day training course, exam and complete 40 hours of supervised driving to become licensed bus drivers.
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