No city help for Oakwood

    The Oakwood Addition south of Decatur continues under a boil advisory due to major problems with its water system, but at this point there is no way the City of Decatur could or would come to the rescue.
    Councilman Matt Dyer raised the matter at Tuesday night's city council meeting, asking if it would be possible for the city to provide water to the residents of Oakwood, also known as Yost Woods.    
    Board of Works and Safety member Bill Karbach put it succinctly: "They couldn't afford it," referring to what it would cost for the city to do so.
    Water Superintendent Jim Inskeep said "the numbers would be huge" to provide water services to Oakwood which, he hinted, has an antiquated system.
    Mayor John Schultz said he has been approached about possible annexation, but Oakwood is not contiguous to the city and thus could not legally be annexed.
    Residents of that housing addition share water from a common well and have their own water system. As with all systems in Indiana, regular testing is required.
    A recent bacteria sample came back positive, requiring the advisory to boil water before using it. The problem reportedly was traced to pipes in a pump house and it's also been reported that repairs are being made.