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New shelter complaints are aired

March 6, 2012

    Once again a group area residents met with the Adams County Commissioners Monday to address concerns regarding the Adams County Animal Shelter.
     Joanna Stanley of Decatur said that according to a veterinarian in Berne, whom she declined to name, the animals at the shelter are suffering from upper respiratory infections, which are highly contagious to other animals as well as humans.
     Stanley went on to say that according to the anonymous vet, the animals at the shelter are not receiving medical treatment and, in some cases, are "dying horrible deaths."     
     Stanley further stated that the Bowerses, who run the shelter, are not fulfilling the terms of their contract with the county, and that information should be provided to the public when animals at the shelter are suffering illness or disease, especially if they are contagious.
     Stanley reported that on February 27 she took a female cat to the Red Barn Veterinary Clinic in Decatur with concerns of respiratory problems. Upon examination, Dr. Lorrie L. Riggs determined the cat had an upper respiratory infection, sneezing, a yellow discharge from the nose, shortness of breath, ear mites, and fleas, Stanley said.
     Riggs also ran tests on the cat for leukemia, feline immunodeficiency, and heartworm; all of which were negative.
     The cat was treated with antibiotics and released.
     On February 29, Stanley said she brought a male cat to The Red Barn Clinic, reporting the cat was lifeless.
     Upon inspection by Riggs, it was determined the cat was dehydrated and and in respiratory distress. Once again, Riggs ran tests for leukemia, feline immunodeficiency, and heartworm, with all the tests coming back negative, she said.
     When contacted Monday afternoon, Dr. Riggs was unable to state whether the cats had been adopted from the shelter,and was only able to confirm that Mrs. Stanley was the client who brought the animals in for treatment.
     Another member of the group, Gerald Gerig, stated at the meeting that he visited the shelter on a previous occasion, approximately two years ago, and found the shelter to be clean; however, Gerig also noted that he visited the shelter nearly a year ago and the animals were being crated in wooden cages, which he maintains retains bacteria that excellerates the spread of disease.
     A February 26, 2010, in a report to the county commissioners by Adams County Health department head Terry R. Smith,concludes, "...the Bowers (Charley and Carol), are abiding by the terms of their contract with the county and doing a good job in running the shelter."
  Inspector Richard Thompson of the Health Department said in an April 18, 2011, report stated "The shelter is well kept at all times. It is clean and shows people just how it can (be) and is to run."
   Following initial complaints by Stanley and others in the group, Thompson inspected the shelter again on Thursday, February 23. In his report, Thomspon stated as follows:
     "Both cats and dogs were or seemed to be happy and very well cared for. Cages were quite clean. The floor was clear of any feces and water bowls were all full of water. A few cages had urine on the floor, but not bad, as cages are all cleaned out etc. in mid-morning inspection. All cages are checked for fresh water, as they are also cleaned again around 7 p.m., or very close to that time."
     Adams County Attorney Mark Burry told the citizens saying that the Adams County Animal Shelter is not affiliated with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  (SPCA), which is a not-for-profit organization.
     Burry suggested to the group that perhaps they could form an organization and contact a chapter of the SPCA to get their ideas moving in the right direction.
     Burry also stated that, in the future, the county may be willing to work with the SPCA to help develop a no-kill shelter in Adams County.
     For the time being, Burry reported, there have been no violations found at the shelter and as long as Adams County remains under contract with the Bowers, the shelter will continue to be  monitored as it has been since its inception.


Do they really want our help and to be better???

March 13, 2012 by marah1115 (not verified), 3 years 10 weeks ago
Comment: 286

@Not Throwing Stones;As you can see by the a few other letters here, people have offered to donate their services at the shelter and were turned down flat I know of NO other shelter that turns away volunteers.The shelter doesn't even advertise the pets on Why is that?? Also pets that had people wanting to adopt them and were still euthanized, Why was that?I would gladly give donations, food,items or my services on a regular basis IF the shelter would let me visit it to make SURE my donations and items were going where they were suppose to be and it was actually clean and sanitary and the people worked diligently to care for and place the animals instead of being so high kill and euthanizing SO many week after week.We need change for this situation in the county,plain and simple.There is a growing number of people unwilling to sit by and let it continue "as it always has" Frankly,we needs a few vets in this area to care enough to give a few hours of their time to help with spay and neuter programs,or at least a transport to the HOPE clinic for said services.We need commisioners who care about this issue instead of seeing euthanasia as the best and "cheapest solution"(how sad and horrible) and allowing it to continue year after year. We need our shelter(that is ALREADY funded with OUR tax dollars)to be ran by those who are truly committed to loving, caring, and placing the animals that are abused,abondoned,and unwanted into good homes instead of simply euthanizing and euthanizing week after week with no end in site.I pray change comes soon for the sake of the animals of this county.

Adams County No Kill Shelter

March 9, 2012 by Solanis (not verified), 3 years 10 weeks ago
Comment: 285

I strongly urge all citizens and businesses in Adams or surrounding Counties that read this message to Think Long and Hard about how much money per day you actually waste on things that add up over the course of two days, a work week, the weekend, a month, a year, that are truly uncalled for. God created Life on earth, all Life for a purpose. He created you and I. Animals in Adams county are being killed daily while you and I sit cozily in our homes, with our computers at our fingertips, food to fill our stomachs, Drinks to hydrate our bodies.Our families to comfort us, Our friends to keep us company, The list of Blessings God gives us is endless for most of us. Who is helping the little animals in the Adams County Animal Shelter we have Now? As they sit there lonely time ticking away, waiting and hoping for love, hoping Gods mercy will bring some love, a owner, some help, Like the No Kill Shelter.....You can make it come true. Every cent you give will help. Instead of thinking about it do it today. Tell your friends if you are reading this. Sacrifice something. A dollar, Ten dollars, A hundred, A thousand, if God has blessed you then Bless his creatures with a no Kill Shelter, so they can be in comfort till a safe haven is found for them. God will be pleased with you. When you give it is more satisfying then receiving. Your Karma will skyrocket. You will respect yourself and others will respect you. Most of all your place in heaven will be held for you as God is watching you doing this fine thing for the creatures he created and did not wish to suffer in loneliness and then be killed heartlessly. Give till it helps.

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