New ruling opens medical insurance for more Hoosiers

    Officials at Adams Memorial Hospital have announced that a recent ruling by the State of Indiana has made it possible for up to 8,000 individuals currently without medical insurance to be covered by the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP).
    HIP offers medical coverage for uninsured Hoosier adults between the ages of 19-64. To be eligible for HIP, an individual must earn no more than $21,660 a year — or $44,700 for a family of four — to meet the basic guidelines and not have access to an employer-sponsored health insurance policy. People must have also have been uninsured for at least the six previous months.
    Beth Bedwell, patient representative and registration manager at the hospital, said eligible people must be residents of Indiana and not be eligible for Medicaid or Medicare.
    Individuals who think they are eligible for HIP may apply online at Applications are also available by calling toll-free:  1-877-438-4479.
    Bedwell will also assist people in applying for HIP. She may be contacted at 724-2145 or 589-3913, ext. 1500.
    According to the hospital press release, services covered by HIP include physician services, prescriptions, diagnostic exams, home health services, outpatient hospital services, in-patient hospital care, hospice, preventative services such as smoking cessation, annual exams and mammograms, family planning, and case and disease management.
    Mental health coverage is similar to coverage for physical health and includes substance abuse treatment.
    No participant will pay more than five percent of their gross family income on the plan; a sliding scale will be used to determine actual payment, the news release said.
    Vision and dental coverage are not available under HIP.