New group seeking to offer info aid for needy

    Due to the high unemployment in the community, a group of concerned Adams County residents has developed a new program to help people in times of difficulty.
    "In the past 12 months there has been a new team of local people who are concerned for the many people in our neighborhoods that have faced loss of jobs, illness, and other costly events in their lives," said a statement issued by the group.
    The organization is called Neighbor Helping Neighbor (NHN) It is a division of a well-known local organization, C & C Bible Fellowship, Inc.
    The NHN has already begun a canvass of homes in the county, starting in Monroe, to provide information on assistance.
    The director of NHN and C & C Bible Fellowship Inc., Bill Hirschy, said that he and the NHN team "feel that many of us, along with many churches, have failed to help our neighbors in time of need."
    The NHH has investigated over the past nine months where help is available from local, state, federal government agencies, local churches and corporation which offer aid in times of hardship., Hirschy said. To the group's surprise, he continued, there are many organizations available to assist people in times of hardship.
    "We have also found many well-kept secrets that provide aid to the people who must qualify for aid," Hirschy said. 
    NHN's goal is to canvass local homes to provide a resource booklet to inform the community of help in the categories of financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. NHN representatives will have a NHN identification badge with their photo, a NHN brochure, and a booklet of agencies which offer help to people in need, according to Hirschy. Recipients may need to meet certain qualification for aid.
    He also advised that NHN representatives will never try to sell anyone a product or ask for money or any other support during their visit. If someone asks for money or any other compensation, they are not part of NHN, he stressed.
    NHN representative will not contact agencies for those in need but only provide information where help may be available. Each contact will be responsible to contact agency that may provide help for their situation.
    If someone is in immediate need of help,the person should call 589-9022, leave a message with name and phone number, and they will be contacted by a NHN representative.
    "NHH looks forward in meeting their neighbors and hope the information they provide will help those in need," Hirschy said.