A new court building? Bauman: Up to voters

    In clarifying the situation about this week's decision on a new superior court building, Adams County Commissioner Doug Bauman said Thursday that the only decision made in a meeting between the commissioners and county council is that there will be no building attached to the current courthouse.
    The final decision on whether or not to construct a new building for the superior court will be up to the voters in a future referendum, Bauman said.
    There had been some ideas among county officials at one time about attaching a building to the courthouse, as was done in Randolph County. But that possibility has now been dropped.
    If a new building is approved by the voters, it will consist of two stories and a basement, and will contain the superior court, the circuit court, clerk's office, prosecutor's office, and the public defender's office.
    If a new building gets the go-ahead, it would in all likelihood be at one of two sites: across Madison St. from the courthouse (current site of Genesis salon, etc.), or in the area where the current superior court building stands and a county-owned parking lot exists.
    Either site would require some land purchases.
    The entire project could cost upwards of $10 million or more.
    Superior court — along with the county probation department — is located in the onetime library building which is over 100 years old. Not only are there building issues, but security is a major concern.