Nature Swag: Wildlife rules Fridays at AC

Adams Central senior
    Walking the halls of Adams Central School on any given Friday may seem to be a bit of a zoo. More so than usual because every Friday 17 boys (and counting) can be seen sporting their wildlife shirts.
    These vibrant tops are printed front-to-back with images of eagles, wolves, or bears, the animals that have inspired the group to refer to themselves as "Nature Swag" whenever they wear the shirts.
    Seniors Isaac Luginbill and Nathan Barger recalled the origin of the tradition. "The tennis team started it all, then our sledgehammer team 'Nature Swag' wore the shirts to win it all." (Sledgehammer is a boys volleyball tournament held the week of Homecoming).
    Luginbill went into further detail, remembering, "We wanted to have some fun. It was just me and a couple of guys, then everyone joined in and now it's a tradition." After thinking a moment longer, he added, "And we pick up the ladies."
    Barger agreed, saying, "It's fun to see the looks on people's faces and get compliments from the lunch ladies."
    When asked what he thought of Nature Swag, a founder of the group, junior Timmy Timmons said, "It's good, it's real, it's real good."
    Another senior, David Teeple, added, "Friday was already the best day of the week, but since Nature Swag started, it's even better."
    Though the shirts in any other context would serve as quite a loud shock of color, on Fridays at Adams Central they blend right in. Students and faculty no longer question the once unusual choice in clothing; in fact, some of the staff have even joined in.
    It's safe to say that "Nature Swag" Fridays are now just another quirky AC trend, or if you ask any of the boys, a tradition.