More than water being retained at Monroe area

    If you're walking your dog, or plan to dump your grass clippings or other dead vegetation, you may want to make sure you're following the rules.
    Monroe Town Marshal Dio Hernandez told the Monroe Town Council on Thursday night that he has received several complaints from residents living near the retention area on the southwest side of town that someone has been dumping grass clippings, and even old pumpkins, in the retention ditch.
    The retention area, which is designed to hold overflow water to help control residential flooding, is located between Harvest Lane and South St., and boarders several homes.
    Hernandez said the dumping of debris in the retention area is more than un-neighborly, it's against the town ordinance and anyone caught dumping in this area may face a hefty fine.
    Council President Al Lehman said he intends to write a letter to the residents neighboring the retention area to inform them of the ordinance and ask that they keep an eye out for illegal dumping.
    In a semi-related issue, Hernandez said while investigating the complaints, he noticed residents have been walking their dogs in the area . . . and not picking up what is left behind by their furry friends.
    Hernandez is reminding residents to clean up after their animals, noting that children often use this area to play, which can lead to a messy situation.
    So Monroe residents, beware. Be a good neighbor, drop your clippings where they belong, and pickup droppings left by your pet, or you may be fined.