More snags in ongonig work at the courthouse

    Even as the renovation project on the Adams County Courthouse is winding to a close, unexpected snags seemingly pop up at every turn.
    At the beginning of September, Dave Meyer, who heads the county building and maintenance department, told the Adams County Commissioners that as he and Dave Sholl of Schenkel and Schultz Architecture were inspecting the building they found several ornamental leaves that were rusted and falling apart and needed to be replaced.
    The commissioners asked Meyer to get an exact count of the damaged fixtures and to get estimates for the cost of replacing the decorative leaves.
    Meyer said there are 15 of the fixtures that need replaced, and at $300 apiece that adds up to another $4,500 the county will need to spend to replace rotting ornaments.
    When renovations began, 40 of the fixtures were found to be damaged and were included in the original bid price, according to Meyer. Somehow, the additional 15 damaged decorative leaves were overlooked and will be ordered now so that contractors can replace all 55 fixtures at the same time, Meyer said.
    Commissioners approved the motion, 3-0.

    In other news, Meyer said he, Sholl, and Nathan Lee, of Lee Restoration of Delphos, Ohio, spent approximately four hours inspecting the brickwork where contractors are currently working on tuckpointing.
    Meyer said what they discovered is that the county will need to replace 500-700 more bricks, at approximately $25 a piece, including the cost of labor, than was factored in to the original bid.
    "This all stems back to a few years ago when they sandblasted the courthouse," said Meyer. "At that time they didn't know that it was going to do more damage than it did good to it."
    Meyer said they are looking for alternatives and recommended commissioners hold off on making a decision until all other options have been explored.