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Monroe St. project to likely to last ’til May 1

February 27, 2012

Taking out sidewalk ramp at First and Monroe streets. (Photo by Jannaya Andrews)

    It looks like those torn-up ramps/sidewalks on all sides of four intersections on Monroe St. are going to be with us for awhile. Probably until early May. With some traffic congestion thrown in.
    The ultimate result, though, will be improved traffic flow once new traffic signals are operational.
    The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has announced that ongoing, intermittent lane restrictions will begin at any time to accommodate installation of traffic detection loops for traffic signal modernization. The detection loops are placed underground.
    This is strictly an INDOT project; the city has nothing to do with it.
    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramps, sidewalks and some curb have been removed at Monroe St. intersections with First, Second, Third and Fifth streets. Monroe St., of course, is US 224 through the city.
    The areas have been marked with cones and barrels and covered by compacted stone, INDOT said in its announcement. The barrels will remain in place until the sidewalks and ramps are functional.
    However, INDOT noted that the concrete work will not occur until sometime in the spring, and that the actual cutting of the pavement and insertion of the traffic loops will not take place until late spring.
    In addition to traffic detection loops, the traffic signal modernization will include new signal heads, wiring, controllers and cabinets for pedestrian crossing signals.
    Decatur does not have traffic detection loops and the signals change on a timed basis. However, with the new detection system, the signals wil change as traffic flows, creating greater efficiency, according to INDOT. The traffic detection loops and signal upgrades will ultimately improve overall pedestrian and vehicle safety along Monroe St., INDOT added.
    Hoosier CO Inc. out of Indianapolis won the contract with a bid of $712,000.

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