Monroe Council members spar

    Although the newly proposed addition of Monroe Township, which lies within the corporation limits of Monroe, to the Adams Public Library System (APLS) isn't a matter for the Monroe Town Council to act on, it quickly became an issue during Thursday's meeting after council president, and town resident Al Lehman read a lengthy and somewhat inflammatory letter expressing his feelings on the matter.
    Lehman began by apologizing to the town of Monroe, stating that council members did not have the opportunity to "stop this latest effort to increase your personal property taxes by more than 6.5 percent." Lehman went on to say APLS went around the council because it knew the council would not "be in favor of penalizing the vast majority (at least 95 percent of the property tax base) for the possible benefit of less than a handful of families..."
    As Lehman's letter went on, he questioned the integrity and common sense of those supporting the proposition, adding he is confident those carrying the petitions "have no idea what they are in fact doing to their neighbors and friends."
    After Lehman finished reading his letter to those gathered, council member Debra Giessler who was seen shaking her head in disagreement throughout Lehman's speech, made her rebuttal.
    See Saturday's print edition or e-edition for further details.