Monroe council fields flooding complaints

    Several guests and residents of Hocker Street attended Thursday evening’s meeting of the Monroe Town Council to discuss serious flooding issues they believe are the responsibility of the town to address.
    According to homeowners, during major rains or melting snow residential yards along Hocker Street fill up with water, which remains for several days until it recedes. The residents said the situation wreaks havoc with their garages, basements and yards. One homeowner, who claims his yard receives the bulk of the water, said he pumps it out to a nearby field with a sump pump to alleviate the standing water.
    “My furnace goes out once the water hits a certain level under my home,” one resident said of the situation. “It is very frustrating to have to pump it out with a sump pump because the city isn’t draining the water.”
    According to the council, the land in question is privately owned and was intended for a housing edition that never materialized. The drainage lines are privately owned.
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