Mitchel: More than 40,000 miles of snow removal work

    Adams County Highway Department Superintendent Mark Mitchel on Monday updated the Adams County Commissioners on what his department has been doing to keep area roads cleared of ice and snow during the most recent cold snap.
    “Our goal today is to get around to everything and all the roads cleared,” Mitchel said. With the warmer temperatures Sunday, most of the snow crusted over once it refroze and is “staying pretty good,” he added. “You could tell when the temps went up yesterday (Sunday). Everything ran fine. When it gets really cold, the hydraulics freeze up,” along with other problems related to frigid temperatures, Mitchel stated.
    He said crews were out prior to sunrise Sunday morning, but even driving only 5 miles per hour “you couldn’t find the road” due to blowing snow which at times created white-out conditions. Thankfully the wind subsided later in the day, Mitchel said.
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