MDA collection near $5,500

    Diana Sovine of Decatur, Adams County's coordinator for the national Muscular Dystrophy Association telethon for many years, said this year's local MDA garage/yard sale and a bicycle raffle brought in $521.
    That made the MDA collection total in the county at least $5,500 from five sources, also including the Decatur, Berne, and Monroe fire departments and Moose Lodge 1311 in Decatur.
    Sovine thanked everyone who make purchases at the sale in the pavilion of Preble Firemen's Park and also thanked the Preble Fire Department for donating the pavilion. She said of the Preble FD members, "Their support made my sale much easier to manage and more convenient for people to look at items" indoors.
    Sovine gave thanks to Biggs Inc. of Decatur for donating a storage unit that she uses all year to keep items for the annual MDA sale and she thanked the Daily Democrat for "always being there when I need you to publish something for MDA or any kind of support. You have always been there for MDA."
    She concluded, "For everyone who collects, donates, and prays for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, I thank you."