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Maybe Friday

August 22, 2012

No, the sign isn’t part of the downtown flower pot.

    Just in time for the big weekend of the Festival of the Kekionga, which honors our heritage, a seeming part of our "heritage" may be gone.
    Those orange "Road Construction Ahead", "End Construction" and other such signs which have begun to seem to be a part of the city's heritage will be removed on Friday. At least that's what an Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) representative told Decatur Street/Sanitation Superintendent Jeremy Gilbert on Tuesday.
    That was the message Gilbert passed along at city council's meeting Tuesday night. "I called in a favor and he gave me his word they would be out Friday, by the start of the festival," Gilbert said.
    The signs went up last December, prior to the INDOT project to modernize the traffic lights at four Monroe St. intersections: First, Second, Third and Fifth streets. The project, though, didn't start for another several months. Now it has been done for a couple of months or more, but INDOT has some "tweaking" to do and doesn't consider it completed until that is done, Gilbert said prior to the meeting.
    When that happens is anyone's guess. But right now, most city residents just want the signs to go away.    Maybe Friday. Maybe.


How about the sign in the

August 23, 2012 by tony.murray (not verified), 2 years 39 weeks ago
Comment: 363

How about the sign in the background that blocks a majority of the sidewalk? Can that be gone as well?

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