Lots of applicants for fire department, city police openings

    The Decatur Police Department has 29 applicants for its single opening and the city's fire department has slightly less than 20 for its post. The numbers were passed on to city council at its meeting this week.
    Police Chief Ken Ketzler said aptitude and agility tests are scheduled for the 29 and the field eventually will be winnowed to six candidate to present to the city Board of Works and Safety.
    Ketzler also noted that the department's newest officer, Casey Springer, successflly completed academy training and testing on April 13 and is now a full-time member of the force.
    Meanwhile, Fire Chief Les Marckel said his department has "17 or 18" applicants to replace veteran Walt Reiter when he retires in August. The department also has agility and aptitude tests scheuled.
    In other matters at the meeting;
    • Following the recommendation of Mayor John Schultz, council unanimously passed a resolution to provide workmen's compensation insurance to up to 20 police reserves. The cost will run about $530 annually for the all-volunteer force.
    • Seven bids were received to build a retention pond near the city water tower at the intersection of E. Monroe St. and Piqua Road, the mayor said. They will be reviewed and announced publicly, he added.
    •  Schultz said he has sent notices out to several sources in the hunt to hire a full-time civil engineer. Adding that some local interest has been shown in the new position, he said it would "probably be another month or so" before applications are closed.