Local educators meet with China rep

    As a result of a recent trade mission to China, Adams County's three school superintendents recently met with a Chinese delegate to learn more about joint educational initiatives.
    An Adams County Economic Development Coporation (ACEDC) announcement said Wylie Sirk of North Adams, Scott Litwiller of South Adams and Mike Pettibone Adams Central took part in the meeting held at Adams Central School.
    Also attending were Superintendent Tim Long of Jay Schools Corporation and Region 8 Educational Services Director Josh Wenning.  
    The China delegate was Josh Zhao, Director Grand ERA for Zhejiang Province. China.
    Decatur Mayor John Schultz, Adams County Economic Development Director Larry Macklin and Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership CEO John Sampson joined Indiana Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman in the trade mission to China last month.      
    While in China, they met with Zhao, a consultant for the Zhejiang Province with a specialty in educational initiatives.  Zhejiang Province is the Sister State with the State of Indiana. 
    The superintendents were grateful for the opportunity to have joint discussions and exposure to the development of a relationship with schools from the Province of Zhejiang, according to the ACEDC.
    It was noted that the creation of educational initiatives and an eventual Sister City would bring strength and trust towards continued and meaningful economic development connections. The educational opportunities could include students and faculty visiting each nation and the development of a better understanding of global interaction to attain a broader education, the officials said. 
    Speaking on behalf of the group, Macklin said, “In terms of education, we are simply gratified to be at this level of attainment of a relationship between our Adams County schools and the Zhejiang schools.  Mayor Schultz, Mr. Sampson and I were received with warm welcomes in the education discussions and school visitation.
    “These school relationships are a great part of building trust among our communities as we work towards building business opportunities in this global marketplace.”