Local Boy Scouts to aid smoke detector campaign

    The Decatur Fire Department, along with the help of area Boy Scouts, will be installing new smoke detectors and batteries in area homes as part of a campaign to provide working detectors for those in need, according to Assistant Fire Chief Jim Hitchcock.        
    Hitchcock said the department is taking donations to purchase the detectors and batteries, and the department is not asking for money from individuals who are in need of a working detector.
    "Our goal is to save lives," said Hitchcock. "We want working detectors in each and every home out there, and we're asking for donations from area businesses and individuals to help make that happen."
    There are no income requirements, and new detectors and batteries will be made available to anyone in the community who is in need of them, he noted.
    Hitchcock said the department is also offering inspection to ensure detectors are working properly, up-to-date, and have new batteries for individuals who already have smoke detectors.  
    The average life expectancy for detectors is 10 years, according to Hitchcock.
    For more information or to make a donation call (260) 724-8909.