Lifelong friends reunite for Packers game

    Lifelong South Adams Starfire friends recently reunited in Green Bay and attended the Green Bay Packers - Oakland Raiders football game. Scott Habegger, a Wisconsin resident, got the idea for the reunion after hearing TV announcers say that all football fans, at least once in their life, should  see a game at historic Lambeau Field.
    "I've had the opportunity to see several Packers games at Lambeau, and I thought my high school buddies would enjoy seeing a game there as well," said Habegger.
    Fourteen friends took him up on his invitation. For some in the the group it had been many years since they had seen each other. Most arrived on Friday in Milwaukee for the four-day weekend. The group toured Milwaukee, visited the Harley-Davidson restaurant, took a brief tour of Miller Park (home of the MIlwaukee Brewers) and had dinner at Scott and Karen Habegger's home. The evening culminated in a slide show presentation of a trip the group took to Toronto in 1983.
    On Saturday the group caravanned to Green Bay, toured the Lambeau Field atrium, and visited a sports bar, where they enthusiastically watched the Indiana Hoosiers defeat the top-ranked Kentucky Wildcats.
    On Sunday the group tailgated for three hours prior to the game. The weather wasn't too cold, but to ensure comfort several purchased insulated Berne Apparel overalls. Curt Van Emon noted, "It felt really good to wear Berne Apparel." For the tailgate, Kyle Velasco brought bratwurst from The Locker. "I don't get back to Berne very often" said Rex Sprunger, "so it was great to get a taste of those brats." While tickets for Packers games are very difficult to acquire, Rick Hill was able to get enough for the group. "Let's just say I had a guy who owed me a favor," said Hill.