Leo offense puts up century mark on SA in ACAC semis

    FORT WAYNE—In the second semi-final matchup in the ACAC tournament on Thursday night, the South Adams Starfires went up against the shot-happy Leo Lions and had their best offensive game of the season while shooting 54% from the field on the night.
    The only problem was that Leo also shot 50% and hit 13 three pointers on their way to a 105-80 rout of the Stars in front of the Coliseum crowd of ACAC faithfuls who showed up despite the icy conditions.
    The Stars began the game with a few miscues and a missed shot resulting in a quick 6-0 lead by the Leo Lions that went to 11-4 about a minute later. Leo used what has become the normal method of attack from their squads in their all run, all the time philosophy that has the Lions’ coach calling for line changes every two minutes of the game.
    Leo’s run and gun method on offense and full-court pressure on defense forced South Adams to push the attack as well and play to the Lions’ strength the entire game. The result was a 185 point outburst of offense from both squads that accumulated 134 field goal attempts, 40 three-point tries (36 from Leo), and 49 free throws in the game.
    South Adams did a nice job offensively by keeping pace with Leo in the first quarter. With two minutes to play in the first frame the scoreboard read 17-13 in favor of the Lions but the Stars were very much in the thick of the game. Leo would lead by six after the first, 24-16, and come out hot in the second quarter.
    The Stars take their 4-8 record and look ahead to next week’s battle against the Garrett Railroaders who lost to the very same Leo Lions on Tuesday night.