Keep Monroe neat, town council urges

    Summer may be nearing an end, but lawns still need to be cut and trash needs to be cleared out of yards in the town of Monroe, according to the town council.
    During Thursday night's meeting, President Al Lehman said he wants to remind the residents that there is a town ordinance mandating residents keep their lawns cut and property free of trash. Lehman said the town is well kept, for the most part, but there has been an ongoing issue with "a few houses that just can't seem to get it done."
    Monroe Town Marshal Dio Hernandez said he will begin speaking with residents who are not complying with the ordinance. If the problem is not taken care of, Hernandez said he will begin issuing citations that will result in a fine for the homeowner.
    "The fine is a whole lot more than it would cost to just pay someone to do it for you," noted Lehman. "There's something to be said about being a good neighbor."
    Councilwoman Debra Giessler added that Monroe is "a nice town and we want to keep it that way."
    Giessler also pointed out that tall grass and junk or trash piling up on properties will draw rodents and other pests that could create an even bigger problem for the town.
    "The entire neighborhood suffers," said Giessler. "The whole town suffers."