Jets dismantle the field at Garrett ACAC quad

    GARRETT—The Jets took on half the ACAC field in the Garrett-hosted conference quad match and came away with three decisive victories in each match.
    The three matches had almost identical outcomes with AC winning first over Woodlan, 61-9, then 63-12 over Southern Wells, and finally crushing the home team Railroaders, 62-10 to cap off the perfect night despite several  Jets suffering from flu-like symptoms.
    “Tuesday we had five or six kids out of practice and five or six kids out Wednesday as well,” BAGUBA coach Doug Schultz commented after the match. “We came in here a little weakened, but we wrestled pretty well, all things considered.”
    “Pretty well” undersold how well the Jets handled their business as they came away with 35 of the 42 decisions on the night between the three matches with ten Jets going unblemished.
    Before the Jets host Heritage on January 5, they have a critical match at the Hangar on next tuesday as they host the mighty Bellmont Braves in what should be one of the more electric matches in recent memory.