Iron Kid Triathlon results

    The annual Iron Kid Triathlon was held on Saturday, July 27 at Bellmont High School.
    The event split kids into six different age groups based on age as they ran, biked, and swam through to the finish line. Also based on age was the distance for each groups’ trials.
    Noah Hunley was a winner in the 5-6 year old group with a time of 13:57, while Mason Martinez was second with a time of 14:38. In third was Ethan Curtis at 15:03.
    The most turnout for the event was in the 7-8 year old age group but it was Owen Wanner who emerged victorious with a time of 10:48 besting the field by nearly a minute. Austin Christner was second at 11:40 with Catherine Bauman finishing third at 12:49.
    In the 9-10 age group, it was Kaylee Fuelling who won the day with a time of 10:46, while Brooks Myers was second at 11:31 and Sophie Krull was just behind at 11:49.
    In the 11-12 age group, Drew Velasco was the only contestant to finish in under 10 minutes winning the division with a time of 9:58 blasting the rest of the field. It was Corey Oliver who finished second with Jon Ruble taking third with times of 11:10 and 11:35 respectively.
    Olivia Von Gunten was a winner at the 13-14 level finishing with a time of 10:19, while Emily Fuelling was second at 11:49 and Riley Stetler was third at 12:25. Mae Baczynski was the winner of the 15-16 age group with a time of 12:27.