Host Starfires cop cross country titles

    BERNE—South Adams claimed its boys' and girls high school cross-country invitational titles on Saturday, winning by wide margins.
    The Lady Starfires triumphed over second-place Southern Wells, 42 to 117, and the Starfires were victorious over Northfield, 46 to 80.
    Girls' Race
    The other team scores were Garrett 120, Northfield 124, Monroe Central 141, Adams Central 147, Carroll (at Flora) 154, Cowan 191, Centerville 193, Bluffton 202, Wabash 219, and Alexandria 266.
    Ten schools had incompletes: Blackhawk Christian, Canterbury, Clinton Prairie, Frankton, Lapel, Randolph Southern, Rossville, Tri-Central, Union City, and Winchester.
    The top 10 finishers were Hannah Moore of SA in 18:53.37, almost 27 seconds faster than Whitney Wiist of Winchester at 19:20.47, followed by Ariel McCoy of Garrett 19:30.91, Emily Vance of Centerville 19:37.36, Bridgett Peden of Carroll (Flora) 19:51.84, Hailey Norris of Monroe Central 19:58.32, Jenna Smith of SA 19:58.77; Adrian Koehler-Marsh of Rossville 20:04.91; Karly Prichard of AC 20:05.13, and Kristen Muselman of SA 20:43.46.
    Other local finishers were Sawyer Shane of SA (13th) 20:57.1, Kayla Isch of AC (17th)21:01.12, Allison Amstutz of SA (19th) 21:13.45, Mary Fox of AC 22:37.47, Leah Spangler of AC 23:00.87, Emily Miller of SA 24:06.97, Olivia Mishler of AC 24:41.22, Jessica Dunn of AC 24:42.06, Alexis Ford of SA 24:55.99, Taylor Murray of AC 25:49.14, Jennifer Kim of AC 28:03.6, and Ashley Faurote of AC 30:26.28.
    Boys' Race
    The other team scores were Monroe Central 105, Carroll at Flora 105, Frankton 167, Wabash 214, Centerville 244, Union City 265, Bluffton 293, Adams Central 309, Garrett 312, Randolph Southern 364, Lapel 377, Clinton Prairie 382, Blackhawk Christian 384, Winchester 389, Rossville 416, Canterbury 425, Cowan 436, Alexandria 466, and Southern Wells 499.
    Tri-Central was incomplete.
    In the male race, Blake Mills of Carroll (Flora) was the winner in 15:51.53, with SA's Evan Liechty second in 15:57.58. The other top 10 finishers were Lucas Mendel of Lapel 15:58.23, Caleb Augustus of Northfield 16:01.08, Eric Isch of SA 16:13.59, Jamie Dority of Clinton Prairie 16:27.7, Matt Galley of Northfield 16:32.52, Allen Bridgman of Monroe Central 16:39.06, Joel Hawbaker of SA 16:40.86, and Jordan Tooley of Carroll (Flora) 16:44.9.
    Other local finishers were these: Simon Sprunger of SA (14th) 17:07.01, Brody Shane of SA (16th) 17:10.82, Kyle Fawcett of AC (21st) 17:19.65, Ben Lehman of AC 17:55.65, Brett Affolder of SA 18:02.58, Cody Sprunger of SA 18:14.08, Mark Smith of SA 18:25.72, Andy Steffen of SA 18:27.48, Clayton Rhoades of SA 18:55.51, Jim Harrison of AC 19:07.16, Charlie Hirschy of SA 19:10.98, Maverick Baumer of AC 19:21.06, Dan Velasco of SA 19:31.01, David Teeple of AC 19:35.16, Michael Yoder of AC 19:38.23, Blaze Brooks of AC 19:39.81, Tyler Burnfield of SA 19:41.1, Brey Reidenbach of AC 19:59.95, Colton Frauhiger of AC 20:05.35, Dillon Hartman of AC 20:12.98, Ellison Kaehr of AC 20:49.08, Chance Reynolds of AC 21:12.75, and Jacob Werst of SA 22:25.77.