Hospital tax will take $2 million yearly from coffers

    Adams Memorial Hospital continues to show a balance in the black after four months of 2014, nearly twice what was budgeted, with $551,799 more in revenue being received than has been expended.
    Chief Financial Officer Dane Wheeler reported the month of April showed that “on the whole, we’re doing okay.” The hospital had a positive balance for the month of $46,778. The budget adopted by the board last year had called for a plus figure of $265,089 at the end of April — but two aspects of the budget greatly changed that amount.
    First, the hospital is $116,235 in the black when considering operating revenue versus expenses. The original budget had projected a $206,988 deficit. Secondly, non-operating revenue has come to $435,564 — resulting in the $551,799 total.
    Operating revenue in April was actually $600,000 higher than the amount budgeted, but Wheeler noted several contractual obligations, higher maintenance and salary increases brought that figure down.
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