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Hop's Heresy: ‘Greed’ keys NFL squabble

March 4, 2011

    Very soon now, the old collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the billionaire owners in the NFL and the millionaire players will expire. I'm predicting there will be no NFL football in 2011, at least not with many players who participated in 2010.
    The reason? It's simple: GREED!!
    There's just too much money involved. The $9 billion dollar figure is being thrown around. That's just the loose cash that the NFL admits to. Each franchise is worth a billion, and we know that the new stadiums cost more than a billion.
    Somehow, the owners, in the last agreement, gave away 59 percent of that loose cash to the players. Now, they want it back. The key here is that it's the owners' game, it's their commissioner, their stadiums, and, yes, their players. It has been noted that most owners could go two years without any income and be just fine. Of course, all the players making 8 million a year should be able to get by, somehow.
    If all the players were making, say, $400,000, then it probably wouldn't be an issue. The owners would gladly dole out the money, make their $300 mil each year, and move on. When the money gets big .... well, it changes everybody's thinking.
    The owners hold the cards, and they aren't going to give in. I really believe this whole thing about 18 games is just a negotiating ploy so, eventually, the players can save face by getting the owners to deep six that request. It doesn't make any sense. The Green Bay Packers somehow won the Super Bowl, and did it with 16 guys on the IR. Add a few games, and the team that will win will be the one with the best second and third teams.
    The average NFL career is 3.2 years. Add two games and it will likely be 2.9 years. Coincidentally, an NFL player has to play four years to qualify for a pension. There are some smart numbers guys working for the owners.
     The NFL players have a great deal, now, but they can't keep it. The NFL obviously didn't learn from baseball, which dropped the ball and lost what would have been the 1994 World Series. They missed some of the next year, and ended up with a deal that looked pretty much like the one that the owners were ready to sign off on nearly a year prior.
    There's a reason the NFL owners haven't made any counter proposals to the players recent offer. They don't intend to compromise. They want control of their game and profits back, and they are ready to draw the line. The players should try to save face and sign a deal. Okay, so the stars and the top rookies would make a few million bucks less. However, they still will make millions.    Most American football fans can't even fathom what like would be like ... if they made the NFL minimum, let along millions. Not many are going to feel sorry for the players.
    The game, the excitement, the fantasy teams, the fan talk, and all the item-buying that goes with it, it's all a nice diversion for the average guy, and gal. I'm absolutely certain that we can find some other diversions.

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