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Hop's Heresy

February 13, 2013

No three-pointers in Friday wrestling

    What if three-point shots just counted for two points, in the first quarter only? After all, some kids aren’t really warmed up, right? And the perimeter defense, well, it’s not on track yet!
    In effect, that’s what has happened to the new “old” scoring at the IHSAA State Wrestling finals.
    No, they’re not going to count three-point shots in wrestling. They also are not going to count anything that happens Friday night in the first round of the one and only IHSAA State Wrestling Championships!
    That’s right. What happens Friday night stays on Friday night. Oh, survivors will get at least that eighth-place point, but only if they lose three more times on Saturday to earn it.
    “I’d love to hear the reasoning behind this and who made up this decision. It’s not wrestling coaches agreeing to it, that’s for sure,” stated Bellmont coach Brent Faurote.
    That first round rule has been in effect throughout the tourney.
    “They said we were going back to the old scoring, but it’s not the old scoring because the first round matches don’t count,” said the coach.
    The IHSAA went back to scoring the individual tourney because it cancelled the Wrestling Team State after 17 great years. That was a punishment for, among other things, the coaches association handing out a trophy for team scoring at the individual tourney, at the coaches banquet.
    Giving up on the Team State was sound punishment. Taking more away is apparently secondary punishment. What’s next, weigh-ins between rounds?
    “I can understand that change in sectionals because there could be forfeits in the first round, but there are kids who are going to win and not score any points Friday night at state. You should get advancement points and if you get a pin you should get pin points, and something for a tech fall or a major.
    “I don’t know where this scoring system came from. I have a hard time believing this is done anywhere else in the United States,” said Faurote, who feels it hurts those teams who bring in a large contingent.
Luginbill Showed That He Belonged
    Kaine Luginbill and Adams Central is taking some heat for the disqualification of Carroll’s Spencer Malcolm in the ticket round 160-pound match Saturday. Of course, that’s always going to happen when a player is taken out like that.
    But it was no fault of Luginbill, or of Central. “There should be more than two minutes recovery time, especially in that situation,” said AC coach Doug Schultz. “They gave us an extra 30 seconds, but the trainer still wouldn’t let us get Luginbill up. What are we supposed to do, DQ our own wrestler? He came back later and showed that he belonged out there.”
    Luginbill injured his back when Malcolm hit an illegal move, resulting in a penalty point. With no point, Luginbill would have defaulted.
    After the incident, someone overheard the trainer involved asking about recovery time and the disqualification rule. Apparently, she was not aware. Hmmn!
    When Luginbill pinned his New Haven foe in the consolation final, he was motioning something with his hands.
    “He was signaling 3-0, for 30 pins, which would have been a record in one season for an AC wrestler,” pointed out Schultz. It would have been, but it was only his 29th, giving him a tie for the record.
    “I’m just a dumb sophomore making it to state,” explained Luginbill after the meet.
    “The boos didn’t bother me. Got me pumped up. I loved it.”

Hall Induction For John Friedt
    “We have 99 guys (names) on the wall, and John worked with or coached every one of them but Phil Lengerich (1969),” stated Faurote.
    Even the kids now in high school and in middle school, they were impacted by John somewhere along the line,” pointed out Faurote.
    “This is pretty neat for his family. What he and his wife, Mary ... well they have done so much for Bellmont wrestling and the youth program here.”
    John Friedt passed away, suddenly, two years ago.
    Faurote points out that former Bellmont wrestler Andrew Bultemeier, now an assistant coach at Delta, has put out a video on You-Tube as a tribute to John. He originally did it for a class project in college, and has since revised it.
    “It’s a great tribute. Very special,” said Faurote.
    Find it under, “John Friedt Tribute.”

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