Homestead and other deductions changed

    Adams County Auditor Bill Borne says he has been told of new interpretations of state tax law by officials at Indiana Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF).
    The interpretations concern the application of deductions for taxpayers. Borne said that, effective immediately, several longstanding applications of the homestead and other deductions to property will change for the 2011, pay 2012, tax year, based on qualified taxpayers applying for the deductions.
    In regard to multiple homesteads on one parcel of land, Borne noted that the DLGF has informed all counties that this is now permissible. All parties that have been denied this in the past, due to the former interpretation given the counties, should/must come into the auditor's office to file the deduction on the second home on the parcel.
    Borne said the homestead must be in the applicant's name and only one homestead can be filed per person/married couple, except that the legislature provided for the application of a homestead in Indiana and a homestead in another state for a married couple, where applicable.
    "The requirements for this provision are quite detailed and restrictive, so please contact the auditor's office if you think you may qualify," Borne said.
    Borne went on to say that in regard to multiple applications of the over-65 deduction and the disability deduction on a property, counties have been informed that there can now be multiple disability filings or a combination of over-65 and disability filings. In the past, this was not permitted.
    People with questions may visit or call the auditor's office in the Adams County Service Complex in downtown Decatur: 724-5303. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.