Grimm is named fire chief at Berne

    After a dozen years as Berne's fire chief, Art Nussbaum is stepping down.
    After 11 years as a Berne firefighter, William "Bill" Grimm is stepping ... up as the new chief.
    Berne Mayor John Minch has appointed Grimm to replace Nussbaum after Nussbaum chose to give up the job. Nussbaum will, however, stay on as a firefighter, having compiled more than 25 years on the department.
    Grimm, a dispatcher and supervisor in the communications center opertaed by the Adams County Sheriff's Department, will be sworn into the fire chief's position on January 4. He is also a training instructor for the Berne department.
    He told the Berne Tri-Weekly News, "Being chief is something I really wanted, but I didn't expect it ever to happen, especially now. I've always tried to work hard, but there are a lot of good guys on our department."
    Among those on the department is Grimm's brother, Bryan.
    Minch told the Berne newspaper, "Art Nussbaum resigned because he needed a change in direction in his life. Art did a great job, but when he said he was going to step down, I went over the list of potential candidates and my mind immediately went to Bill.
    "I've known Bill for 15 years and I have nothing but outstanding feelings about him. I've worked with Bill as a friend; we've worked together on elections. As mayor, I've worked with him on the fire department. He was in charge of all the equipment ... and explained to me what needed to be improved. I saw him always working hard for the department."
    Aside from his dispatcher and firefighter duties, Grimm was a paramedic in the county's Emergency Medical Service for 15 years and has been a reserve deputy sheriff for 15 years.
    His wife, Becky, spent five years as director of the county's Emergency Management Agency.
    Grimm told the Tri-Weekly, "I've served in various emergency services for a long time. I've enjoyed serving people through EMS, the fire department, and dispatching. It always feels good to serve people. It's always nice to help your community."
    He added, "If you save somebody's house or some other structure, it's always a great feeling. When people lose things in a fire, they talk about the personal effects in their lives. When you save those things and you see how much it means to people, it really makes you feel good."