Grant gets ball rolling on sewers

    The long-awaited grant of nearly $2.3 million to finally bring new sanitary sewers to Pleasant Mills, Roe Acres, Monmouth, Bobo, and Arcadia Village has finally been received by the Regional Sewer District (RSD), according to Berry Scherer of the RSD and Ben Adams of Commonwealth Engineering.     
    Adams and Scherer told Adams County Commissioners this week that the total project cost is $4.51 million, leaving approximately $2.481 million needed to finish the project.
    According to Adams, the RSD received a 40-year loan at a locked-in rate of three percent interest to cover the remaining $2.481 million of the project.
Scherer said that the RSD has been pursuing this project for a few years and now that the district has been verified to move forward, it is are actively taking steps to take the project to the next level, noting that “we have a lot of work in front of us.”
    As a condition for the funding, the district is to have all engineering work completed within one year and have everything out for bid, according to Adams.
    “We’re actually trying to be a little bit more aggressive than that,” said Adams. “We think we’ll have everything in place, design plans and construction permits, etc., so that we can bid at the end of 2012.”
    Adams added that he is hopeful that they will be able to receive and approve construction bids and close on finances and set rates so that construction would continue throughout 2013 and would be able to connect the sewer systems by the end of that year or the beginning of 2014.
    The current projection calls for the sewer to be run from Bobo to Pleasant Mills, which will have a pump station that will pump the sewage to Arcadia Village, which will in turn pump into Decatur.
    The Monmouth and Roe Acres area already has a lift station, according to Scherer, that at one time serviced the former Monmouth school. It will need to be upgraded and retrofitted to service a bigger area; however, some of the facilities are already in place.
    The commissioners thanked Adams and Scherer and the committee for their hard work and dedication in pursing this ongoing problem in Adams County and expressed appreciation and full support for the project moving forward.