Getts lists BHS staff

    Bellmont varsity football coach Larry Getts noted today that his offensive coordinator is Chad Taylor and his defensive coordinator Marty Ballard, a veteran BHS assistant coach.
    Also from last year's staff, Greg Koons will be co-special teams coach along with Matt Hunter. Jerry Hurst, an assistant coach and trainer last year, is back as an assistant coach and former player John Shifferly is on the Getts' staff.
    Dan Boocher is freshman coordinator.
    Gets reports that 40-plus players are out (all four grades), and more are expected in the coming days.
    Getts is glad to have those staffers returning. "We're not starting from scratch. The program is on solid ground. Bellmont has a tradition and the kids are proud to be a part of it, and that's the way it should be," said Getts.
    "Coach Bergman's staff from a few years ago, and the staff they've had the last two years did solid work, and we're going to keep some of those things they did, things that the kids are familiar with, and add some things."
    Adams Central third-year coach Michael Mosser reports that there are 53 players out for football, including 11 seniors, 14 juniors, 11 sophomores and 17 freshmen. The Jets are coming off a winning season.
    South Adams coach Jason Arnold has 19 seniors of his 46 players out. There are nine juniors, six sophomores and 12 freshman.
    Getts feels the number situation at Bellmont can only improve after he's been around the school and the lower level progams for a year. He will teach at the high school.