Geneva sets up budget add-on

    The Geneva Town Council held a public hearing Tuesday for additional appropriations for the town's 2013 budget.
    Clerk-Treasurer Bill Warren's initial budget for 2013 had been submitted a day late to the state Department of Local Government Funding (DLGF) because he had been waiting on some materials, so the DLGF approved the budget for the 2012 levels instead of 2013.
    The town is requesting an additional $48,979 for this year's budget. There were no objections from the public, and Warren verified that the hearing had been properly advertised. The hearing was closed and the council approved Ordinance 2013-2 to request additional appropriations from the DLGF.
    Warren gave several reports to the town council.    
    In regards to the Rainbow Road lift station project, Warren explained that the Wastewater Department is still determining specifics for what should be done, though the goals are still to enlarge the pumps and lines, and reduce stormwater infiltration.
    Financially, Warren reported that the water and wastewater departments are tracking about normal, though water usage this month is lower than last year because of the cold temperatures.
    The weather also has the street department continuing to perform work and maintenance indoors while awaiting consistently nice enough outdoor conditions to take care of the potholes created by all of the winter's freezes and thaws.
    Warren reported that overall, the town's financials are tracking normally, with $995,146.61 cash on hand, and only $255,905.01 in debt.