Geneva parking squabble leads to council talks

    An ongoing dispute between neighbors has escalated to the point of frustration for Geneva Town Marshall Rob Johnson, who asked Geneva Town Council at Tuesday night’s monthly meeting about what his options might be in resolving the continuing feud.
    Johnson explained to council members that the quarrel is centered around parking issues on Harrison Street, where parking is limited to one side of the roadway due to its narrow width. The discord is between an elderly couple, who live on the north side of the street where parking is allowed, and their neighbors on the south side of Harrison Street, who have only street parking available to them.
    “At times, there are a half dozen (of the neighbors’) cars parked in front of her house and driveway,” Johnson said of the elderly woman — who is the only driver in the household — making it difficult for the resident and visiting caregivers to enter and exit her drive. For Johnson, the situation is frustrating because the town currently has no ordinances which he can enforce to resolve the controversy.
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