Funds OKed for county comm center repairs

    Adams County Sheriff Shane Rekeweg, meeting with the Adams County Council on Tuesday, requested and received a transfer from the cumulative jail fund of approximately $75,500 for repairs to the dispatch center located in the Adams County Jail.
    Rekeweg said the dispatch center is in need of some cosmetic repairs, such as painting and new carpeting; however the bulk of repair work that should be addressed immediately is the infrastructure itself.
    Rekeweg said there are loose wires hanging down from the ceiling and gathered in heaping mounds on the floor, which have been "secured" with wire ties in an attempt to keep them away from employees.
     Noting that this was in no means meant to be a solution to the problem, Rekeweg said they were doing the best they could until funds were made available.
    However, recently one of those wire ties came loose, causing a wire to fall and nearly touch the metal grid floor, said Rekeweg.
    "If that wire had touched the floor, it would have become electrified and the results could have been catastrophic," said Rekeweg.
    Along with the dangerous wiring, Rekeweg noted that the walls are dented and crumbling and the heating and air equipment is in desperate need of replacement.
    Rekeweg also requested new desks and chairs, including an extra desk to be used during emergency situations, such as during severe weather, where a volunteer deputy could come in to aid dispatchers in a more efficient matter.
    There was also talk among the sheriff and county council members regarding the upgrading of surveillance equipment and the ongoing issues with plumbing leakage at the jail.
    Rekeweg agreed these issues need to be addressed as well, but for now his focus was on the wiring issues and the safety of the structure.
    The council approved the request for the appropriation of $75,500, 5-0, with members Kenyon Sprunger, Phil Wulliman, and Dennis Bluhm absent.