Fun Family Fridays to begin

    Fun Family Fridays will begin this Friday, the Decatur/Adams County Parks and Recreation Department has announced.
    Every Friday will feature something different, something fun, something for everyone, a department spokesman said, adding: "Fun Family Fridays are opportunities for residents of Decatur/Adams County to take advantage of our wonderful outdoor resources."
    Each activity is free and all will be held during a 90-minute period, 5:30 to 7 p.m., each Friday.
    "We hope to promote kids getting out with their parents and doing things," the department's Chris Krull said at Tuesday's city council meeting.
    All activities will include food as a cookout will be held at most of the events.
    This Friday's activity will be 90 minutes of free swimming at the city pool, with a cookout to begin at 6.
    Following weeks will see track and field activities, biking, canoeing and fishing, and more.
    Bellmont's boys and girls track teams and the North Adams Food Service are partnering with the parks/rec department on the project.
    For more information, call Riverside Center: (260) 724-2520.