Full-time replacement for CC is denied by commissioners

    Adams County offices that currently have full-time employees may not necessarily get to keep full-time employees, according to Adams County Commissioners.
    Community Corrections Executive Director Ian Gilbert met with commissioners Monday to ask for permission to hire a full-time replacement for the office's administrative assistant, who will be leaving at the end of August.
    Gilbert said the position is, and always has been, full-time and he would like to keep it that way.
    "We've only gotten busier since we started this program,"said Gilbert. "I fully intend for us to keep getting busier, too."
    Commissioners weren't so fast to okay the request, though.
    "What I have an issue with is hiring another full-time employee," said commissioner Ed Coil. "The county council has already said we need to cut almost $1 million from the budget, and the first place they want to cut it from is personnel."
    When asked if he could make due with a part-time employee, Gilbert said "No, absolutely not. There's just no way."
    Gilbert said by hiring a part-time employee, it wouldn't affect the county budget, but could have vast repercussions on the Community Corrections budget.
    "The money we get from the state, we don't get to keep that if there's any left over," said Gilbert. "We have to send that money back. We can't transfer it from one account to another.
    "So if we have to cut back on staff, we're going to have to cut back on the services we offer. That's going to be misdemeanor cases because the state's not going to want us to cut back on the felony services because that's what they pay for."
    Right now the county pays approximately $50,000 per year for the CC staff for fringe benefits. Hiring a part-time employee rather than a full-time employee for a replacement would save the county approximately $10,000 a year, according to Gilbert.
    Commissioners asked Gilbert to first consider hiring two part-time employees at 20 hours a week, or one part-time employee at 30-38 hours per week.
    "I'll advertise the position for 20-38 hours per week and see what we get in the pool," Gilbert said. "If I find two people who are qualified willing to work 20 hours, great. We'll just have to see what we get."