Forum looks at economy now and in future

    First Merchants Bank, the Chambers of Commerce of Decatur, Berne and Geneva sponsored an economic outlook forum, moderated by IPFW Director of Community Research Institute John Stafford, at Adams Memorial Hospital on Tuesday.
    It was billed as the "first annual" such event.
    Stafford reported that, overall, Adams County appears to be gradually recovering from the recession. Unemployment, which was at 15 percent in March 2009, is now hovering around 8 percent as of March 2013. Employment Modeling Specialists International has projected employment in the county to remain essentially flat through 2022, but Stafford says he doesn't hold with projections as they are so easily changed.
    Adams County Economic Development Director Larry Macklin said Adams County is in the process of recovering from the recession and is in an economic upswing. He said that steps are being taken to encourage other businesses to expand to Adams County, such as creating two sites in the county which are fully equipped with utilities and everything else to allow a business to move in and get to work immediately.
    Further details in today's print and e-editions.